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Windshield Repair in Anchorage, AK

When left unattended, even a small chip can spread and cause larger damage to car windshields. You don't have to worry if you're in Anchorage, AK; windshield repair is our specialty. The experts at Novus Glass of Anchorage, AK always stress the importance of repairing a window before deciding to take the costly step of a window replacement.

When you decide to use our services, you can feel safe knowing that all of our repairs are under warranty. Additionally, we not only fix the damage, but also strengthen the glass. Your repaired window will pass any state inspections, or you get your money back. We have locations all over the United States and in 42 other countries, which has given us the chance to perform over 20 million repairs.

If you call us, you should know:

  • We are mobile and convenient
  • We will save you time and money
  • We will do the job right the first time

We can usually finish our work in less than half an hour, which is much quicker than similar services from other companies. For cracks that are three inches or smaller, our process is a perfect solution.

Repairing a window is environmentally friendly, because a replacement would cause more glass to end up in the trash. Our work at NOVUS in Anchorage, AK has given us a 99 percent consumer satisfaction rating. If you live in Anchorage, AK, windshield repair is a simple phone call away.

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