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NOVUS Glass celebrates 50 years of innovation & excellence

NOVUS Glass has consistently reinvented itself over the past 50 years to remain on top of the changing automotive landscape, fueled by years of innovation.

Iconic brand continues to dominate global automotive glass repair and replacement industry.

BLAINVILLE (QC) June 28, 2022: NOVUS Glass, a global leader in automotive glass repair and replacement services, this month celebrates 50 years of operation, while underlining its commitment to growth and market penetration.

NOVUS Glass has consistently reinvented itself over the past 50 years to remain on top of the changing automotive landscape, fueled by years of innovation, a willingness to adapt to meet new challenges, and a customer-first company culture. Today, the iconic brand boasts more than 1,000 points of service globally, offering advanced windshield repair and replacement services.

To celebrate the milestone, NOVUS Glass will launch a series of initiatives designed to create greater awareness about the brand’s leadership in the windshield repair business, while sharing defining moments from its history. The campaign will focus on how the brand has reinvented itself over the years to keep up with the changing automotive landscape while creating value for its franchisees.

Launched in 1972, NOVUS Glass has notched several milestones in its impressive journey.

This week, Entrepreneur Magazine ranked NOVUS Glass as the top aftermarket and automotive glass brand in its 43rd annual listing of leading global franchise brands, standing at number 25, well ahead of its competitors. Mondofix, Inc., dba “Fix Network World”, which acquired NOVUS Glass in 2017, is keen to take the brand to as many global markets as possible with its successful franchising model.

Reflecting on half a century of aftermarket excellence, Steve Leal, president and CEO of Mondofix, says: “Since its inception, NOVUS Glass has focused on building a legacy of innovation and excellence. Our success is the result of the combined efforts of our franchisees, team members and partners, and a testament to the commitment we share to improve the lives of communities where we live and work.”

NOVUS Glass’ origin is an interesting story. After having three windshields replaced due to small breaks, prolific inventor Dr Frank Werner collaborated with chemical engineer Bill Wiele to find a solution to fix breaks without having to replace the entire windshield. The pair developed what is acknowledged still today as the best method of windshield glass repair. Today, NOVUS Glass’ “Repair First Replace If Necessary” policy has helped to save more than 44 million windshields from ending up in landfills.

“A 50th anniversary is a great opportunity to celebrate, but we are not done yet,” Leal adds.
“While we acknowledge the great contributions of Dr. Frank Werner and Bill Wiele, we must remember that the aftermarket business is changing every day, every second. The key is to keep ourselves relevant by being out there and making sure that we drive value to our family of franchisees and customers.”

As it forges ahead, NOVUS Glass continues to offer franchising opportunities across several markets for those keen to own and operate their own glass repair and replacement business, including an advanced facility or, where available, a fully equipped mobile service. NOVUS technicians are also trained to restore modern vehicles fitted with ADAS technology and calibrate the front-facing cameras of such vehicles after service.

About NOVUS Glass

NOVUS Glass is part of Fix Network, the global leader in the automotive aftermarket services sector. As a longstanding trusted brand, NOVUS customers have come to rely on the experts for their windshield repair and replacement needs. With their Repair First, Replace When Necessary® commitment, NOVUS Glass can repair more windshields with greater optical clarity and structural integrity than any other system in the industry and guarantees repairs for the life of the windshield. With over 1,300 points of service worldwide NOVUS continues to lead the industry in glass repair and replacement. For more information, visit

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